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My name is Michelle Lyon

I am the face behind the Hungry Lyon Cookie Company! I have been in love with baking from a very young age, but I never thought I would find myself owning my own business making decorated cookies. HLCC started in my parent's kitchen during lockdown times and has since grown beyond anything I thought possible.


I believe that cookies are much more than dough and frosting. I truly put my creative heart and soul into everything I create because sharing these cookies with you means spreading love and positivity. So come along with me, grab a sweet treat, and spread some joy!

All of my cookies are made in small batches out of my apartment in Redmond, WA. I am licensed by the state of Washington to serve you sanitary and delicious treats from my personal kitchen. 

I dream one day to have a physical bakery where we can develop an even bigger and more wonderful community. 


A little bit about myself...

When I am not making cookies, I like to spend time at home with my two kitties and Rhys, my amazing partner/cheerleader. Rhys has recently joined me on this crazy business journey. He is the best market assistant and spreadsheet maker out there!  

I also like to find hikes around my area and spend time outside when I can. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I absolutely love the Fall season. When Rhys and I are together, we enjoy watching livestreams from our favorite internet creators while we build Lego.

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